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Refer a patient online (doctors/ other health professionals)

Doctor’s can refer a patient using the online form below. Alternatively, instructions for creating a hard-copy referral can be found at the bottom of this page.

Online Referral

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We can accept any referral(s) or correspondence via Argus, use

Creating a Hard Copy Referral

It is quite simple to install a referral template for your patient to bond street gastroenterology, on your Medical Director 3 or similar practice software. 

First yourself or your practice manager should email us at and we will email you the bond st gastroenterology.rtf file 

You need to save this file to your desktop

Open ‘Medical Director’

Press F8 to open the letter writer

File, Modify Template, and open Blank template

File, Import, and browse to the desktop, then open the bond st gastroenterology.rtf file

Save the template as “Gastro referral” or similar.